How I have other people pay for my bridge toll commuting to work

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I recently moved to East Bay, where I begin my commute to Stanford Research Park, Palo Alto; where Tesla’s are like Honda Civics, every other person has one.

My commute entails crossing the Dumbarton Bridge with a $5 toll going westbound (eastbound is free).

New weekly bridge toll expense: $25

The first week after I moved in to my new apartment, I tried taking the bus (company paid for) to save on the bridge toll, but the parking lot would fill up by 6:15 AM. I’m not even awake at that time.

Luckily, a coworker mentioned Waze now has a carpooling feature.

When you open up the app, just click on the little guy waving his hand on the bottom right. There, you can enter yourself as a driver and find people looking for a ride.

IMG_0872Source: Waze

I’m averaging about $5 in cash flow one way when I carpool with just one person.

If I carpool with someone 3x a week on my way to work, and 2x on the way home, I can mitigate my weekly bridge toll expense to $0.

Waze is so flexible that If I wanted to, I can make more money from my daily commute, which is something I’d be doing anyway.

Here are key things about carpooling with Waze:

  • You’ll receive notifications of people around you that need a ride to and from work, and it’s up to you to accept or reject themIMG_0873Source: Waze
  • Set how many seats are available for carpooling (I set it to one)
  • Set a range of times you’re commuting to and from workIMG_0871Source: Waze
  • Generally, you’ll pair with only people on your commute
  • You can pair with people off your route and Waze will let you know how much more time will be added to your commute
  • You can rate people
  • You can cancel an accepted drive though this would result in a decrease to your potential matches
  • Waze deposits your funds into your bank account once a month

It’s pretty cool that I found a way to help pay for my bridge toll expenses without it being inconvenient.

If you don’t have a bridge toll in your daily commute, you can carpool as a driver on Waze to help you pay for your gas, your car insurance, or help you cover maintenance. You’d be commuting anyway.

The best part about all this is I got to meet and network with some really cool people that I wouldn’t have met any other way. It beats being stuck in traffic for an hour by yourself all the time.

You can sign up as a driver or a rider here on Waze.





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