2 credit cards you need in your savings arsenal

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Hella people have at least one credit card in their wallet, and they’re probably not utilizing their credit to its maximum potential in order to save money.

Here are two in my arsenal that I use almost everyday to achieve peak savings on everyday expenses.

#1 Chase Sapphire Preferred

I enjoy travelling and eating out at restaurants, so I utilize this card to boost my points and save on travel.


2x points on travel expenses

Not only do I use this card to pay for travel related expenses, but I currently use this card to reload both my Fastrak & Clipper card, and somehow that counts as traveling yielding 2x points.

If you use your points to book on Chase’s Ultimate Rewards, each point is instantly worth 1.25 points. It’s like booking a flight and getting 25% off.

If you choose not to book on Chase, you can transfer your points to partner airline free of charge. I’ve used this to transfer points to Southwest and United, and booked flights there.

Customer Service is top notch. I’ve called the number on the back a few times, and it didn’t ring once and I was instantly connected with an agent.

$0 annual fee for the first year. $99 upfront annually after that.


2x points on dining

I’ve used this card at McDonald’s, cafes, restaurants with a $$$$ rating on Yelp to get 2x points.

Tip: I’ll use my card to pay the tab at a group dinner, and have everyone Venmo me to bank on points.

*Don’t apply for this card unless you have Excellent credit, and can spend $4,000 within 3 months to get the 50,000 bonus points. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.

#2 Barclaycard CashForward (Cash Back card)

I use this card to get cashback on gas, groceries, clothes, shoes, on trips to Target/Wal-Mart/Costco, Amazon, and large expenses that are not travel-related.

1.5% cashback on every purchase

5% cashback redemption bonus

No annual fee

I like to think that I’m getting a 1.5% discount on everything I buy.

There are several cashback cards out there to choose from. I personally like the Barclaycard because it’s efficient. I don’t need to think about a different category every quarter and activate each offer.

If you have Excellent credit, enjoy traveling and eating out, and like saving on everyday purchases, you should really consider adding a travel card and cashback card to your savings arsenal.

*Don’t do this unless you can pay your statement balance in full every month. Otherwise, the savings you get will be diminished by interest. It’s not worth it.

Link to Chase Sapphire Preferred:

Barclaycard CashForward: No longer offered



This blog is not a part of the Barclaycard website or Barclays Bank Delaware. Additionally, this blog is not endorsed by Barclaycard in any way. Barclaycard is a trademark of Barclays Bank Delaware.

This blog is not a part of the Chase website or JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Additionally, this blog is not endorsed by Chase in any way. Chase is a trademark of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.





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