It was the summer of 2014. I was ecstatic because I finally got an offer for a full-time gig (benefits) after contracting as a W-2 (no benefits) for 3 years.

I was able to move out of my mom’s place, which meant I needed new furniture. I decided to take my cheap, metal framed bed to a recycling plant, and headed straight for IKEA because where else do you go when you need furniture???

I got a pretty cool full size platform bed with headboard and a memory foam mattress.

Here are the details:

Bachelor Black bed frame $250.00
G-absorbing memory foam mattress $200.00
Tax $40.50
Total $490.50

It felt great. New job. New furniture.

The bed was awesome until about 2.5 years later when in traditional IKEA fashion, it started to squeak. It didn’t matter if I moved an inch or completely rolled over; it would squeak and it drove me insane. And it was pretty apparent to my roommates when I was doing the deed.

I tried everything to fix it. I looked up YouTube videos on fixing the squeak in your IKEA bed. I looked up forums on IKEA hacks and no solution would work for more than a couple days. That annoying squeak would return…

I decided to disassemble the whole thing and give it to someone on Craigslist.

I vowed to never buy peasant shit from IKEA again. I would buy a solid wood bed frame  and I would spend more money for something that would last me at least 10 years.

My girlfriend and I found a row of furniture stores in San Jose with many solid wood options to choose from.

I finally had my eye set on a faux leather wrapped solid wood bed. The headboard was dope!!! And it felt sturdy, so we got it. Here are the details:

Queen bed frame $500.00
Memory foam mattress $350.00
Tax $0.00
Total $850.00

Here’s the sweet part of the deal:

Not only did they not charge me tax, they gave me FREE delivery and FREE assembly. IKEA would never do that for you.

If we go back to what I paid for my IKEA bed, and add labor and the time it took me to borrow/return a truck from a friend:

Assumption: $30 an hour

Bachelor Black bed frame $250.00
G-absorbing memory foam mattress $200.00
Tax $40.50
1 hour to borrow/return truck $30.00
3 hours of assembly $90.00
Total $610.50

IKEA particle board bed:

$610.50 / 2.5 years = $244.20 cost per year

Non-IKEA solid wood bed:

$850 / 10 years (projected) = $85 cost per year

I will never buy IKEA furniture again.


Side by Side Comparison:

IKEA particle board frame Solid wood frame
Bed frame $250.00 $500.00
Mattress $200.00 $350.00
Tax $40.50 $0.00
1 hour to borrow/return truck $30.00 $0.00
3 hours of assembly $90.00 $0.00
Total $610.50 $850.00
Annual Cost $244.20 $85.00 est

*The featured pic is of my current bed. It’s so dope!

One Reply to “Cost analysis: IKEA bed”

  1. It’s like the old saying,”You get what you pay for”. But I do understand. This is super helpful vuz I’m in the market to buy the boys bunk beds. So this reminds me not to go so cheap, but still get a good deal. Thanks Phil!


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