Last year, I was in need of shelf space, and everywhere I looked I ran into the same problem: everything I wanted was out of my price range lol.

I absolutely despise anything made of particle board. I wanted something built with quality material, had sturdy shelves, and would last until after I die.

When you want something and have limited resources, you need to think outside the box.

This was when my girlfriend told me the shelves in her closet were custom shelves her mom ordered. This was one of the most bougie things I’ve ever heard. I didn’t even know you could do that.

I checked them out and the shelves were not only sturdy, but I found out each shelf has a maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs.

Remember working in retail or at a warehouse and just dumping heavy shit on shelves? That’s how strong these shelves are.

I also found out these restaurant grade shelves are relatively inexpensive. Here are the details:

84″ H  x  24″ W  x  14″ D

8 shelves

Total (incl. tax & shipping) = $133.25


You can custom order your shelves to fit the dimensions you need. I wanted to take advantage of my vertical space so I chose a height of 7 feet.

You can also order as many shelves as you need, so less shelves equals less costs to you.

You can order it in black or silver. I picked black to match my furniture.

Lastly, these shelves are weatherproof, temperature proof, and rust proof. You can leave it outside in your backyard where it’s exposed to sunshine or rain. If you had a huge freezer or refrigerator, you could put these shelves in there.

I’m keeping these shelves until I die.






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