(with my fiance and her family at The Old Mecklenburg Brewery)

A couple weeks ago I went on my first trip to North Carolina.

I booked this trip about 3 weeks before going and it could’ve easily cost me over $400 round trip, but I was able to pay $80.60 out of pocket.

To get this price, I did have a 1 stop each way, but it wasn’t so bad.

My flight from SFO > CLT with a 1 hour 20 minute layover in Chicago costs a total of $80.60. I was able to get this price by using 12,500 points from my United MileagePlus account. It also comes with 1 free checked in bag since I have the United MileagePlus Explorer Chase Card.

A couple days before my flight I got notice of the storm hitting the Northeast. I got an email from United that looked like this:


Fuck flying to Chicago, so I called United and they were able to reroute me to Newark, New Jersey before heading to Charlotte.

The day before my flight, I got another email saying the storm reached New Jersey (fml!), so I called United again and they rerouted me to IAD, Washington D.C.

A few hours after this call, I got another notification the storm is going to hit D.C. I called again and they tried to reroute me Houston, but all flights were full.

I decided to YOLO this out, and try to fly to DC. I do have to give credit to United for managing their customers and the storm. They rescheduled my flight 2x at no charge.

I also managed to save $50 on a Lyft ride. My friends and I went to happy hour after work, and my homie Sam gave me a ride to SFO after.

I love TSA Pre check (unless they tell me to take off my belt)



Got Boarding Group 2 with my United MileagePlus Chase Card (above)


(I had to check out Bojangles!)

For my flight home, I went with Southwest and booked a flight from CLT to OAK, with a short layover in Houston. This cost me a total of $5.60 out of pocket and 12,525 Southwest points. The bonus points from Southwest Rapid Rewards Chase Card definitely come in handy.


Waiting to board at the gate (above)

Here’s a summary:

Flights Out of Pocket Points used
SFO to CLT $80.60 12,500
CLT to OAK $5.60 12,525


Everyone is treated equally on Southwest lol (above)

When I finally got home, I decided to take Bart from Oakland Airport to my apartment in Fremont for the first time.


Waiting for AirBart to get the Oakland Coliseum BART Station (above)

Aside from waiting out in the cold, waiting for the airtrain (AirBart) and getting to a BART station was real easy. Tip: Google maps is your friend.


Total cost for the trip home from Oakland airport was $15.30. Not bad in comparison to taking Uber/Lyft directly home which could’ve ranged from $25 – $50. Also, I could’ve walked home from Bart, but it was already past midnight and hella cold outside.

Here’s a summary:

Out of Pocket Expense
BART (Oakland > Fremont) $10.25
Uber (Bart station > Home) $5.05



(picture of my Wal-Mart fake carbon fiber luggage lol)

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