Today, I officially made the last payment to my Citibank credit card! I am now one step closer to being debt free.

I have one more credit card debt with a balance of about $5,200. My goal is to pay it all off before getting married this fall.

Since I can only go back 2 years to search old billing statements, I estimate this debt took about 7 years to pay off.

Here are the terms:

Transfer balances at 0% APR for 18 months with a balance transfer fee of 3.99%

Citi Card
Balance Transfer  $ 4,746.99
Balance Transfer Fee  $    189.87
Total Debt  $ 4,936.86

I can’t recall the exact reason for having this debt hang over my head. It could have been medical bills, groceries, and gas with a mix of stupidity and irresponsibility, but I know I transferred $4,746.99 to Citibank at the end of 2016 due to it accruing interest on another credit card.


In the graph above, the blue represents the mountain of debt I started with. The orange line shows how much I chipped away at it slowly overtime.

Towards the end, I was able to attack it with everything I got until the balance was zero.

Since I went back 2 years sorting through old billing statements, I got to see how much of an idiot I was even before I transferred ~$5k to Citibank.

Date Description Debit Credit
Feb-16 Payment 83
Mar-16 Interest 45.65
Mar-16 Payment 78.65
Apr-16 Interest 48.1
Apr-16 Payment 85
May-16 Interest Credit 1.11
May-16 Interest 47.47
May-16 Payment 80
Jun-16 Payment 3,161.00
Jun-16 Interest 42.38

I don’t know what I was doing paying $45+ in interest a month, but I realized I’m starting to be smarter with money.

The transactions above reflect my stupidity in letting myself get suckered into paying interest.

Thank you to my fiance for all her help and support through my journey, and to Uncle Dave for all the motivation he’s given me.

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