A few months ago my friends in L.A. invited me to their Asian wedding banquet. At first I couldn’t go, so I politely let them know. Then a couple weeks before the date, they asked if I could go, and it turned out I could. I decided to make this a yolo trip with my son.

I initially planned to drive, but I booked Southwest flights just in case (you know with points and shit). It really didn’t matter because if I decided to drive and not show up at the gate, the points would magically return to my account #boss.

Here are the details for me and my son:

Southwest Flights Points used Out of Pocket fees
SJC > BUR           11,344  $  11.20
LGB > OAK           11,344  $  11.20
Total           22,688  $  22.40

Anyway, the night before the wedding banquet, I was like fuck it; there was no way I was going to drive 6 hours each way.

The day of the wedding, my roommate said she could drive us to Mineta San Jose Airport (SJC). Cost = Free.

When we landed, I realized how interesting Burbank Airport (BUR) is. There are no tunnels/bridges there, so everyone has to walk down the stairs onto the tarmac to get inside the airport. Since everyone gets on the tarmac, they open up both doors at the front and the back of the plane for people to get off. Fuck LAX.


Exiting through the back of the plane (above)


Walking along the tarmac to get inside the airport (above)


There’s the front of the plane! So weird… (above)

When we got to baggage claim at BUR, it only took about 3 minutes for us to get our bags. I totally forgot L.A. was notorious for traffic, so it took my friend about 40 minutes to pick us up. Cost = Free!


@ the banquet: Auntie Steph cutting Lil Moolah’s food for him

After the banquet, we didn’t get back to our motel until 12:30 am, while our flight home was at 8:40 am. This was the moment when I also remembered daylight savings pushes the clock an hour forward, so we were pretty much going to be exhausted.

I woke up at 6:40 am, opened up Uber/Lyft, and realized there aren’t many drivers during that time lol. Uber quoted me a ridiculous $120 ride to Long Beach Airport.

I decided to wait and get ready, wake up my son and get him ready, and then check my phone.

20 minutes after, I got extremely lucky and saw one Lyft driver with a cost of $38 to Long Beach! Winning.

My Lyft driver was super cool. She said she just woke up too and as soon as she opened up the app she saw me.

My son fell asleep in the back seat. We got to the airport in 30 minutes. When we got inside, I realized Long Beach Airport is just as weird as Burbank Airport.

After we checked in our luggage, you have to walk back outside, to walk back inside to where the gates are.


It was raining outside, but I have no idea why it was so wet in there. (above)


They decided to build a wall with no roof and then plant some palm trees. (above)


There’s our plane! Doors open man. Tell me when to go. (above)

I liked how Long Beach Airport had the same set up as Burbank Airport: you have to walk on to the tarmac to get on the plane. Both doors are open for a quicker boarding.

Luckily, we brought an umbrella with us because it was drizzling.


Going through the back (above)


Lil Moolah looking at mountains and shit

Baggage claim at Oakland took forever. I think they claimed it was “due to the weather.” Yeah right…

We were too tired to take Bart home, so we took a Lyft. It was pretty sweet because we got a Mercedes E-class this time and our driver was super chill.

After we got home, my roommate came out and was like “you’re back already?” lol. We were gone for a total of 20 hours. Yolo!


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