unnamed 2I just got the Delta card, and I decided to cancel my Southwest card.

Last June, Southwest had an offer for 60,000 bonus points so I hopped on it right away. I used up all the points to see my fiance out in Denver, and the card has been sitting at home with no use.

I was planning to cancel it in May, but today while at work I thought fuck it… let’s do it now.

After getting through the automated system, I got someone on the line. After I mentioned I’d like to cancel the card, he asked why, so I told him I’m trying to consolidate my credit cards and have no need for this one.

He replied, “Sir, we’d like for you to keep using your card so we’re willing to give you a $70 credit on your next statement. Would you like to me to do that?”

I seriously could not help but smile as he said that. It’s like Bro, of course you’d like me to keep the card and charge everything to the game.

First off, the annual fee is $69. When I paid it, the 60,000 bonus points were well worth it. Now, it’d just be me holding on to the card for another year and possibly forgetting about it before the next annual fee comes up.

I politely said no, and that I’d just like to cancel the card.

He agreed, canceled the card, and let me know to have a good day.

That was a lot easier than I thought.

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