Years ago I used to thrift shop to buy clothes for my son, but I stopped going after Macklemore’s Thrift Shop song caused major inflation at thrift stores.

Prices have calmed down a lot since, so here are my latest pickups from Goodwill!

  1. Nike Dry Fit hooded sweatshirt for Lil Moolah Cost: $5.39 This dry fit hoodie is in great condition! (I throw clothes I buy in the washer as soon as I get home from a thrift store.) IMG_1637
  2. Columbia Fleece Zip-Up for Lil Moolah Cost: $3.99 This fleece is in good condition. I think it’ll last a couple months before I’ll re-donate it.IMG_1639
  3. Marshawn Lynch Bobble Head in Sharks Jersey Cost: $2.83 I bought this for my best friend since he’s a bobble head hobbyist. I was even able to negotiate a 10% discount for slight damage to his hair in the back.  IMG_1629
  4. Fidget Spinners! Cost: $0.69 each This is cheaper than Dollar Tree lolIMG_1633
  5. Fake BeyBlades Cost: $2.99 each Lil Moolah has a BeyBlade set and a bunch of BeyBlades we duel each other with. When I saw these at the front of the store, I was going to cop 4  until my fiance said that was too much lol. IMG_1632
  6. Puzzle Set Cost: $5.39 This thing looks pretty cool and will be a good time killer. It was brand new too!IMG_1636
  7. Minecraft Light Up Sword Cost: $5.39 I found this under a pile of toys, and when I found out the lights still work I knew I had to cop this for Lil Moolah. There was a small hole on the side, so I successfully negotiated a 10% discount.IMG_1649

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