Eco-Thrift is a warehouse style thrift store in Hayward, CA. After rummaging through the men’s items, kid’s items, and electronics, I do think most of the good finds are wayyy overpriced and I probably won’t return here since I’ve been finding good pick ups at Goodwill in Palo Alto that are priced correctly. Also, the wait to see the expensive items (video games, designer bags, speakers, jewelry) behind the counter is ridiculously long.

I bought 2 things here that I thought were worth the price. Here it is:

  1. Kauai Darth Vader shirt for Lil Moolah Cost: $0.99 This shirt was in very good condition and I was surprised at the price. (I threw it in the washer as soon as I got home.)IMG_1659
  2. Santa Cruz shirt for Lil Moolah Cost: $1.49 I found this shirt in good condition. Since I like Santa Cruz, I got it for the little guy. IMG_1661

Here’s my receipt for the purchase. At the end, the most expensive thing I paid for were the Hello Pandas Lil Moolah asked if he could get.


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