One of the reasons why I love Southwest

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Last weekend I flew to Portland (still an amazing city) for my bachelor party, and our flight got delayed due to the previous flight scheduled for a late arrival.

An hour delay wasn’t a big deal. Since my homie and I both had Priority Pass, we took the time to explore the airport and take advantage of its privileges (more on this later).

We finally boarded our plane and got back to the Bay 70 minutes later then originally scheduled.

24 hours later I didn’t hear anything from Southwest regarding our late arrival, so I decided to try my luck and tweet to my beloved Southwest customer service.

Beforehand, I googled late arrival Southwest compensation and found a forum where people claimed to receive ~$50 on average when their flight was delayed for at least 60 minutes.

Here is the correspondence between Southwest and myself via Twitter DM:

IMG_2331 (1)


I got $100 just from tweeting my amazing friends at Southwest! I was hoping to get $20 lol.

There isn’t any guarantee this will work if you arrive 70 minutes later than scheduled, but it’s worth giving it a shot and hoping you get lucky.

I love Southwest!

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