She officially moved here! Cost Analysis

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In an earlier blog, I talked about the move from Denver to the Bay area, but I wanted to go over all the costs.

We explored a few different options. Here they are:

  1. Hire movers to pack everything, transport Theresa’s stuff, and then have them unload into our new apartment. We’d then have to hire someone to also move her car, or drive it ourselves.
  2. Pack everything into a pod and have the pod delivered to our new apartment where we’d unload it ourselves. We’d still figure out whether to hire someone to move her car or drive it ourselves.
  3. Pack everything into a truck, hitch her car to the back, and then drive 22 hours to California.

We said Fuck it and went with option 3. At the time, it seemed the most cost efficient, but when you consider you’re driving 10+ hours a day going 65 mph with a car hitched to the back, you start to wonder if it was worth it.

On the contrary, here’s a few things I gained from this trip that are priceless:

I learned how to hitch and tow a car.

I learned how to adjust my driving when towing a vehicle.

I gained a huge respect for truck drivers and the sacrifices they make everyday to provide for their families. 

I crossed 2 more states off the list of states I’ve been to (Wyoming and Utah). 

Lastly, I can say Theresa and I drove a 16′ truck from Denver to California. Theresa and I started it together, and we made it through together. 

Penske Truck Rental
Truck, hand truck, pads  $ 1,084
Insurance  $    110
Ramada (1 night stay in Salt Lake City)  $    112
Gas for Penske Truck (1,200 miles)  $    427
Food & Snacks for trip  $    100
Public Storage (1-month promotion)
Rent  $        1
Insurance  $      11
Admin  $      24
Lock  $      20
Total  $ 1,889

IMG_1884 (2)

She’s officially a Bay Area resident!

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