I recently upgraded my Chase Preferred card to Chase Reserve and immediately signed up for the complimentary Priority Pass card.

I did some research and lately people have been venting about not being able to access the lounges because they were full or closed off to Priority Pass members.

I tried my luck anyway in PDX only to be refused entry lol.

But what was really cool was my buddy (who also has PP) opened up the app and saw this:


I clicked on Capers and saw the terms, which are amazing!!


Basically, I get $28 to spend at Capers Cafe Le Bar, and anything over that I’m responsible for. Additionally, if I bring a friend, I get another $28 to spend equaling $56!

I walked over to Capers, ordered a sandwich, salad, and got a few bottled juices. The cashier was really cool. He said, “Hey, you have $26 left to spend. Would you like anything else? Chips? Dessert?” He was dope!

After a visit to Capers, we walked over to House Spirits Distillery for the same deal: $28 for myself + $28 for an additional person.

We got 2 whiskey flights for a total of $40.


The Barrel 30 they had was a decent whiskey, but the rest were terrible. I wouldn’t spend my own money here, but I’m down to use the Priority Pass credit.


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