Bought my mom a new car!

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This is definitely an achievement to keep in the books. Along with my wife and sister, we were able to come together and purchase a new car for my mom.

Car Make/Model: 2018 Ford Fiesta SE

Color: Lightning Blue

Style: Hatchback

My mom was having continuous issues with her old car, a 2000 Honda Civic. She’d call every time she had an issue with it and get ridiculous quotes from shops. (She was getting taken advantage of.)

So my sister and I decided to look around for a decent used car. We went to Enterprise Used Car Sales in Santa Clara, and drove 4 different cars.

The last car we test drove was a 2012 Ford Fiesta with 44k miles. The car is lightweight and pretty spiffy.

The issues we had with it were it smelled like cigarettes inside, it had dents all over the place in the interior, and they wanted $12,000 for it pre-tax.

We walked away and decided to rethink our strategy over Phil’z Coffee.

We looked up prices for a brand new Ford Fiesta and found that in the area the average price was $12,800.

At the dealership, we found the color we liked and started negotiating. We started at $16,000 and after 2.5 hours, I negotiated it down to $13,600 pre-tax.

$13,600 is above the initial target of $12,800, but it was the average price for the model/style I got, so I hit it right.

The dealer said he couldn’t do it for less than $14,000, and then challenged us to find the exact car we’re looking at for less than $14,000.

My sister and I just used TrueCar and found $13,600 right there for the exact make, model, style, and color.

Go TrueCar lol

We finally got to do something big, and nice for our mom.IMG_2405

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