I recently got married! We’ll be heading to Bali in a couple weeks for our honeymoon, so I’ll be sure to post pics of our trip.

Still Debt Free

Damn right! After being in debt for the longest time, it’s still a great feeling to wake up everyday knowing I don’t owe shit to the man.

Credit Care Lineup

I’ve been continuing to use my credit cards for the points responsibly by paying them off every month. Here are the cards I’m currently using:

  1. Chase Reserve for restaurants and travel.
    • 3x points on these categories, plus the service from them is spectacular. In case shit happens, I love knowing there’s travel insurance on all my travel purchases.
  2. Costco Citibank for all our Costco and gas purchases.
    • When I was at the customer service desk applying for the card (with a Groupon), the guy next to me showed me his cashback check, and said the lady wasn’t lying lol. I can’t wait to see our end of year check!
    • 4% cashback on gas. We currently buy gas at Shell or 76 because the 4% cashback doesn’t work at Chevron.
  3. Barclay Cashforward
    • For anything else that doesn’t fall into the above categories, I use my Barclay card for the 1.5% cashback.
  4. JetBlue Card
    • I saw this offer somewhere and couldn’t resist the 10,000 bonus points offer. I applied, and for some reason these guys keep giving me credit lol. All I had to do was spend $1,000 in 90 days and instantly get the points added to my account.
    • trueblue points
    • Now that I got the bonus points, I’m going to put the card somewhere safe and only use it when I book a JetBlue flight.
    • $0 annual fee

Credit Score

Not that I give a shit, but my credit score skyrocketed after paying off my debt.


Since I’ve been applying for a lot of credit cards lately for the bonus points, you’d think it’d make my credit score take a fat shit, but it definitely hasn’t.

I find this hilarious..


Also, recently I had to close my oldest credit card that I had since I was 18. They started charging an annual fee, which is unbelievable!! Fuck that shit.

You’d think my credit score would take a hit after that as well, but it has not.

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