1st time on EVA Air | Visit to the Premium Lounge in Taipei Airport | Honeymoon in Bali (Pt 1)

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Mrs Moolah and I recently traveled to Bali, Indonesia for our honeymoon. I’ve been wanting to try out EVA Air, and luckily I found a pretty good deal at $823 per round trip ticket from SFO > DPS (Denpasar Airport), Indonesia.

Thankfully we thought it’d be best to get to the airport early because there was a huge line to get through security. We thought our Pre-TSA would help until we found out EVA Airways is not a participating airline.

EVA Airways is pretty cool. I’m 5’10”, and there was plenty of room for my legs in peasant class. Btw, even for a full flight they still had a lot of extra space in the above bins.


The touchscreen was the perfect size, and even has a USB plug for my phone.IMG_3068

We each got a pillow, a blankey, and a stereo headset.IMG_3071

I was confused by the two prongs, but figured it’s for stereo sound.IMG_3072

1st meal of the flight! I forgot what I got, but I remember it was not bad at all.IMG_3075

An EVA Air coffee stirrerIMG_3078

2nd meal of the flight! I really like the moist towels they give you.IMG_3080

After 13 hours on this flight, we finally made it to our stop in Taipei Airport. Taipei has a great modern airport that I’d put up there with Haneda in Tokyo, Japan.

We had to go through the security gate again, but after I checked my Priority Pass app, and luckily I could access the Premium Lounge upstairs.

Free coffee!IMG_3082

Mrs Moolah just chillinIMG_3083

I love these free mini cokes!IMG_3085

I decided to take a shower, and so I got a free towel at the front desk. The only thing that sucks is you have to wait in line. In other lounges, they schedule for shower time. IMG_3087

Quick shot of the lounge area! Free wifi and food son!IMG_3088

Heading to our gate for the 2nd leg of our tripIMG_3091

Taipei Airport is pretty cool


Still walking… There’s so much to see!IMG_3094

Hey look! It’s our Hello Kitty plane son!IMG_3098

Got to the gate a few minutes before boardingIMG_3099

Our seats boy! (Btw, there was tons of room in the above storage bins.)IMG_3101

One thing I like about EVA is they give you just enough soda to slow down your fatassness.IMG_3103

1st meal of theflight! Gotta stay awake to adjust myself to Asia’s time…IMG_3104

Hello Kitty themed utensilsIMG_3105

We made it through another 5.5 hour flight! We’re really feelin the humidity and heat now lol.IMG_3106

Welcome to Bali! Hahahaha! Not yet… Welcome to a 2 hour line to get through security and customs.IMG_3108

To be continued…


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