Chase gave me $300, Amazon gave me $10 and I barely lifted a finger

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I just received my $300 bonus from Chase and I barely did any work for it. I signed up to get the $300 offer by opening up a new Chase checking account. Then I had to set up direct deposit with them. After my first check got deposited in there, I received the $300 in a few days after. Hella easy…

The original plan was to close my Chase checking account right after I received the $300 lol, but after I read the terms it stated I need to keep the account active for 6 months, so the new plan is to cancel this account after 6 months. I already have this marked in my calendar lol.

There are a few caveats. You have to have your first direct deposit made within 90 days of account opening in order to get the $300. Also, Chase has a monthly maintenance fee on this account. One way to have this fee waived is to maintain your direct deposit.

$300 / 6 months = $50 a month in interest

Looks good to me bruh.

Lastly, I also got $10 from Amazon. All I had to do was reload my Amazon gift card balance with $100, and Amazon deposits another $10. Since I buy stuff Amazon all the time, this was a no brainer. Hella easy…



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