Ubud Monkey Forest | Honeymoon in Bali (Pt 2)

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After we got through the airport, we were bombarded by so many taxi drivers offering us a ride. It’s literally insane! Me being a noob, I ignored them thinking I could get a Grab (another ride share company).

We started walking and it was then I found out ride shares are not allowed in the airport (except to drop passengers off), and that we’d have to walk 3 km to the nearest pick up spot.

We were so exhausted and I got tired of walking, that I hailed a cab driver. His cost? 250,000 rupiah (about $19 usd). I know…I could’ve negotiated and maybe gotten it down to 200,000, but that’s okay. Live and learn.

It took us about 30 minutes to get to our resort. There’s a lot of traffic on this small island. Luckily, our driver was really nice and was telling us about the area.

We were staying at the Novotel Resort in Nusa Dua, in which we found out is the crazy rich area lol. Nusa Dua only has 5 star rated resorts. In order to get into Nusa Dua, you have to go through a security checkpoint.

FYI, we didn’t pay for the resort. It was a wedding gift for 7 nights here. We just covered our flights, our stay at a villa after this, and spending money.

When we got to our resort, there was another security checkpoint where they dropped a gate, our driver had to shut off his engine, and security inspected the car for a bomb. Yes, a bomb.

I was shocked to find this out. However, I must say, all the security guards in Bali are super friendly and smile, unlike the ones back home.

After an extremely long and tiring check in experience (they couldn’t find my reservation), they loaded us in a golf cart, and drove us to our room. How dope is that?

By this time, it’s about 7:30pm and we’re exhausted after a 30 hour trip.

Anyway, here’s our room! Cost = FREE 99IMG_3111Here’s our living room area with our dope headless lady statue.IMG_3113Close up of the statue (she got a phat booty)IMG_3114Our TV with cable. They even had American shows on!IMG_3115The living and dining areasIMG_3118Our balconyIMG_3119Our room came with a washer! They don’t have dryers..IMG_3120El banoIMG_3122El bedroomIMG_3132We ordered room service for dinner. I’m not much of a fan of Indonesian coconuts. I prefer Thai.IMG_3135Our first sunrise in Bali!IMG_3137Walkway to the spaIMG_3148Waiting for our shuttle to take us shoppingIMG_3151Hella magikarp hereIMG_3153Our first taste of Luwak coffeeIMG_3154Hey look! A Cold Stone.IMG_3155The prices here are the same back home lolIMG_3162I’ve been a fan of Mi Goreng noodles, and this is my first legit taste in Bali! Not from Ranch 99 son!IMG_3169Our friendly driver we hired for the day. For 600k rupiah ($40-45 usd), he’ll take you anywhere you want to go.IMG_3174Just got to the coffee plantation and lovin the greenery Admission = FREE 99IMG_3175A coconut tree!IMG_3177My favorite boba drink: Taro

More greeneryIMG_3179Coffee plantsIMG_3180Luwak coffee beans

Our guide taught us about how Luwak coffee is made. Luwak is a very expensive coffee in Indonesia with good reason. A bag of Luwak coffee beans can go for $25-30 usd.

The civet (cat-like animals), goes through the coffee plants and eats the best coffee beans, where they ferment in the civet’s stomach.

They then shit out the beans, where a picker collects their shit, washes it, then peels the beans before roasting them for coffee. It’s cray cray right?

The result is a strong yet smooth tasting coffee.

I found out in the old days, coffee beans were reserved for the elites. The locals would collect the shit from civets to make their own coffee (luwak). It was later discovered that the luwak coffee was extremely good, and the trend spread throughout Indonesia.

IMG_3181Some spicesIMG_3182I love the greeneryIMG_3194

IMG_3195Coffee Tasting = Free99 We got 8 coffees, and 8 teas. I also got the Luwak coffee for 50,000 rupiah ($3.79 usd).IMG_3198A selfie with our dope guide! He didn’t give AF and spoke his mind. We even took a shot of rice wine lol.IMG_3206We made it to the rice terrace! I’ve only seen these in pictures, so it was really cool to see in person. Cost per person = 10,000 rupiah donationIMG_3208



IMG_3219DopeIMG_3222Here’s what it looks like up close

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shot from the bottom of the rice terrace with some dude and his damn selfie stickIMG_3227Next stop: The Monkey Forest in Ubud. IMG_3232


IMG_3245It was hot AF (95 degrees Fahrenheit with lots of humidity). But dude! Check out all these monkeys! IMG_3249

IMG_3250All the different monkeys in the forestIMG_3251

IMG_3254This is my favorite shot because monkey is just chillin like MoolahIMG_3257TempleIMG_3258IMG_3260

IMG_3262Taking a break before we call our driver. It’s still hot AF.IMG_3266And we’re off to the Ubud shopping center!IMG_3271We had some organic gelato. Eat it quick before it melts in this heat!IMG_3272My favorite car brand!IMG_3273Honda Jazz sounds way cooler than Honda FitIMG_3279Tired AF, so we went back to our resort




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